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White Sand Silver Metal Stand Hourglass

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Regular price$80.00 Sale price$59.99

Let your inner traditionalist come out with this antique hourglass. Assembled from the metal stand, mount in gray color with semi-glossy finish and glass body filled with snow white sand.

Perfect for traditional and rustic home decor but will easily fit in contemporary modern settings. Decorate your office, bedroom or office with this gorgeous hourglass. It can be placed on dressers, accent tables, bookshelves and work tables.

It is perfect as a stand-alone piece, or you can fit it easily in any home decoration theme. It measures 30 minutes, and we are sure your guest will notice every little sand particle falling.

Limit of 5 per Customer

White Sand Silver Metal Stand Hourglass Elevate Home Decor - Hourglasses
White Sand Silver Metal Stand Hourglass Regular price$80.00 Sale price$59.99