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Article: 25+ Above Couch Wall Decor Ideas

25+ Above Couch Wall Decor Ideas
Living Room Decor

25+ Above Couch Wall Decor Ideas

You don't have to be an interior designer to look at an empty wall above your sofa and realize something is missing. Something to show off your style and make your family room look homier. 

Also, I am sure the first thing that pops into your mind is expensive artwork, but it doesn't have to be costly. It only has to be art. Picture that wall as an excellent background to reflect your elegance and personal touch.

So, let me introduce you to 25 easy ways to style that space above your sofa quickly and easily.

Should you put a mirror above your couch?

Mirrors are a great way to add visual interest to your blank wall space and make a small room feel larger. Not only do mirrors reflect natural light, but they also create the illusion of more space.

Few mirror decor ideas

An oversized mirror hung above your sofa can add depth and dimension to your living area. This can be a great way to utilize your wall space and make a small room more open and airy. A large mirror is not only a practical item but can also make a big impact on home decor.

Gold mirror above beige sofa

Rectangular mirrors

Classic rectangular mirrors are a classy way to decorate your sofa. This elegant way to frame large wall will match any decor of your room.

Recatngular mirror above grey sofa

Round mirror above couch

A round or oval mirror is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your space. Hang it at the center of your blank wall above your sofa for an instant focal point. Try hanging two mirrors side-by-side or in different sizes for a more dramatic look.

Round mirror above white sofa

A trend that has been popular for a while now is the mirror gallery wall. It is a modern way to decorate the empty space above your sofa. You can take mirrors but a few smaller pieces and place them next to each other. This will create the illusion of a larger area and make your room look more bright and more open.

Mirror gallery wall above sofa

Piece of art

A one large of art above your sofa is the most minimalist way, and we love minimalism. Canvas art can be an ideal decorating solution for most people that don't want to spend a fortune on art.

One large art piece above grey sofa

How to postion your artwork and how big should it be?

Look for a bigger-sized picture, hang it at eye level, and make sure that the large painting is not wider than 2/3 of your sofa width.

This way, you won't overwhelm furniture but enhance it. You aim to have a single, eye-catching piece that will fill in the blank space, command attention, and create that wow effect.


Nature-inspired wall decor

You can always put paintings or canvas prints inspired by nature moments. This is a great way to add color and excitement to your space. Plus, it's a great way to show off your style and have an exciting color palette.


Nature inspired wall decor above-sofa

Animal-inspired wall decor

If you're looking for something unexpected, try hanging framed paintings of a tiger or lion above your sofa. The bold colors and fierce expressions are sure to turn heads and might inspire you to be brave.

Animal inspired artwork above sofa

Abstract wall hangings

Great way to add a pop of color or an interesting pattern to your living room. Consider hanging a canvas print above your couch. Abstract prints are great for this purpose because they come in various colors and styles. Choose one large piece or make an abstract gallery wall.

Abstract painting above the sofa

A couple of years ago, gallery walls were the high-rising trend. Now becoming one of the favorite décor ways to go, they are here to stay! There are a few ways to achieve an amazing gallery wall to gain visual interest in your family room. Above sofa wall decor is usually larger and can be overwhelming to room.

Gallery wall above cream sofa

Try to have one large piece and work around that one with a few smaller ones. Aim for a symmetrical arrangement if you want a more calm and polished look. Try to form a cohesive look so that your couch doesn't look cluttered.

Feel free to hang photos, mirrors, and 3D objects. Before hanging it on the wall, always have it sit on the floor first until you are sure that it is the arrangement you love. Play with shapes, sizes, and decorate!

Gallery wall decor above white sofa

Floating shelves

 If you like changes and don't like to stick up with one thing floating shelf above your sofa might be the best solution. You can create a new home decoration for your family room every season. Depending on how you décor them, they can be for decoration purposes, or they can also be a valuable storage space.

Floating shelves above grey sofa

Shelf display

Decorate shelves with sentimental things from your life. Photos, travel souvenirs, trophies, and anything you feel like displaying. Also, you can mix different vases, plants, and books. Mixing different heights, colors, and shapes of objects can give your wall decor more dimension. If you have a tall ceiling, consider putting at least one large piece that can draw attention.

Open shelves above white

Type of shelving

You can choose from a single minimalistic shelf, a few cube shelves for added storage, and a display of your photos. Your family room can be a great place for a large shelving unit. These versatile options can easily be customized to match your sofa decor and provide ample space for your items.

You might have a problem with décor sliding off of your shelf. To prevent that, shop command stripes and put them at the end of the shelf. Also, ensure the couch is far enough from the wall decor so that nobody hits their head on it.

Cube shelving next to grey sofa

Bright light

Want to keep your sofa as a focal point of your room? The easy way to achieve this is to add accent lights above your sofa. This will highlight the furniture underneath and make your couch stand out. Lights can be scones attached to your wall, or you can even hang them above.

This will create a more welcoming atmosphere and add warmth to your family room.

Black hanging lights above yellow sofa

Floor lamp and a blank wall

Floor lamps are a great way to add ambient lighting to any room, and they're especially well-suited for use above a couch. When shopping for a floor lamp, you can choose one that can be adjusted to different heights.

This way, you can position the light exactly where you need it, whether reading or relaxing on the couch in front of your fireplace.

Black floor lamp above grey sofa

Hanging scones

This trend is not only stylish but also functional, providing much-needed task lighting in a space that is often dark and cluttered.

Hanging sconces come in various styles and finishes, so you're sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and can frame your couch and walls. And because they're mounted on the wall, they take up zero floor space—perfect for small apartments or cramped rooms.

Gold hanging lighting above cream sofa

Wood accessories

Nothing will add more dimension, depth, and warmth to your living room than a natural wooden pallet accent wall. It will add character and drastic changes your guests will notice right away.

Choose between wood planks, geometrical themed, famous wood tiles, or many more. Use it as a background to showcase something you like or do something unexpected design vise and create an instant eye-catching focal point. 

Black wooden panels behind black sofa

Behind couch decor ideas

Extra storage space plus a stylish display of statement-making pieces are equal behind the sofa table. Small table with significant purpose. Style it simple and chick. Make sure you have at least one on the taller side, like a picture or figurine, that can serve as a focal point on your wall.

Later add books, magazines, vases, and plants. And if you enjoy late-night reading sessions, add a couple of table lamps and make yourself a cozy reading space. Finally, add a TV remote tray, and save yourself from constantly looking for one underneath the couch.

Wooden table behind cream sofa

Vintage baskets wall decor

A basket gallery wall is a collection of cohesively grouped baskets. It is a simple and natural way to decorate on a budget. It complements boho, traditional, natural, rustic, or coastal room decoration.

Boho inspired baskets above cream sofa

Types and display on the wall

Woven baskets are usually earthy natural colors, but if you want colorful ones, look for African or South American ones. You can hang them on the wall as a focal point, or if you already have a large focal piece, you can add them as surrounding elements.

Colorful baskets on the wall

Wallpaper decor ideas

The last time I remember, I saw wallpapers on the wall at my grandparent's house. It was a colossal trend back in the 80s. Wallpapers made a big comeback a couple of years ago, and we're here to stay. You don't have to print the whole room, just one wall.

The wall behind your sofa is enough. Wall with print can bring more depth to your living room, movement, color, and personality. Ideas are endless. Suppose you like your wallpaper to be more like a background for decoration. In that case, use subtle monochromatic designs. 

Abstract wallpaper behind brown sofa

Paint an accent wall behind your couch

Painting an accent wall adds visual interest to any room. Especially if you have a small space, a natural color paint can make it appear more extensive and more spacious. Choose a neutral color but a darker shade.

If you plan to add a little spice and drama, choose an opposite color on a color wheel system. Check out one of our favorite examples of a very flexible and inexpensive way to decorate. 

Grey accent wall above white sofa

Oversized wall clock above couch

Statement wall clocks are an essential and functional piece of home decoration. Above the sofa, you can place an oversized clock that will be the eye-catching and impressive prime focus.

Also, multiple-time zone clocks can be a good idea, especially if they have special meaning for you. Modern minimalist homes usually rock one big simple design clock. And for those who think that “more is more” and like to have big gallery walls, a nice clock can be a fantastic addition. 

Oversized brown clock above white sofa


Textile wall art is having a moment on your walls. You might display a woven tapestry, ikat pillow, or a vintage scarf as part of your wall decor. The options for textile wall art are endless, and they can add color and pattern to your space.

Boho inspired wall texitile above cream sofa

Final Words

These were some of our ideas, and we hope you'll choose one that will best complement the personality and style you already have. Pick one or mix and match until you find what suits you most. Enjoy the process, and never forget to keep elevating your home!

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