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TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations

When it comes to decorating your TV screen area and wall space, every little detail, including width and decorations, matters. You want your home to reflect your taste and style in decorations, wall space, and width. One way to do this is by giving your TV stand decor a makeover.

Take your time while decorating your TV stand with decorations, and you will significantly impact the overall look and feel of your living room. Plus, it will be a focal point and a great conversation starter for your guests.

Here are some modern tv stand decor ideas on how to make your TV stand decor, stand out! 

Use Greenery in Your Living Space

A modern minimal look for your TV console can be achieved by adding a focal point of greenery. Adding a few potted plants or a tiny ceramic vase with fresh flowers is perfect for your home color scheme and TV stand decor.

Not only will it boost your creative side, but it will also provide a relaxing vibe in your living room. Furthermore, incorporating greenery into your decor has numerous health benefits, such as improved air quality and reduced stress levels. Allow yourself to rest!

Greenery next to a tv stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 24

Image by: Unsplash


Vase can add color and style to your living room stand. Placing various vases in different shapes and sizes on the TV stand can enhance the room’s overall look while still keeping the focus on the television.

Consider incorporating them in different colors to complement the lights and create a visually appealing display. Get creative with these living room TV stand decor ideas and find the perfect arrangement to fit your living room style and aesthetic.

Vases on a tv stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 25

Image by: Pexels

Different Types of Vases

Vases are versatile accessories in various styles, from clear glass to ceramic, metal, and even wood. When choosing one for your TV stand, consider its intended function – adding color to the room or holding fresh flowers.

A vase makes a perfect addition to your TV stand decor, bringing class and purpose to the space. Let your imagination guide you in exploring the different types of vases available and find the ideal vase to match your decorating ideas.

Use vases as an inspiration and make your living room furniture outstanding.


Candles are a beautiful way to improve the look of your TV stand. With various sizes, colors, and fragrances available, you can easily find candles that suit your aesthetic and complement the other accessories in your living room.

By casting a warm and inviting light on one side of the room, candles serve as functional art and can transform the atmosphere of any space. Consider using candles holders to add an extra touch of luxury and coziness to your living room.

Three candles on a black tray
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 26

Image by: Pexels

A Path to Relaxation and Well-Being

Candles are not just decorative items. They also offer numerous benefits for your health and overall well-being.

If you’re seeking a way to de-stress after a long day or create a romantic mood for the evening, consider lighting some candles in your living room. Candles can provide a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere, whether relaxing on the couch, watching television, or reading a book.

Gold candle holder with a candle inside
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 27

Image by: Unsplash

Picture Frames

You can decorate your TV stand with framed photos to make it truly yours. Choose family photos, pets, or any appealing images that elevate your inspiration. Then, choose frames that match the decor you have in your home. You can even make a gallery wall made out of your favorite photos!

Framed family photo on a TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 28

Image by: Pexels

Natural Materials Frames

Wooden frames are a classic choice that will never go out of style. If you add some wooden open shelves you can create a cohesive look for your own family gallery wall.

Wooden picture frame with a family photo
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 29

Image by: Unsplash

Mid-century Modern Frames

For a more modern look, try simple metal and chic black frames. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different sizes and types of frames. Black TV and black frames combined will add modern touch space.

Metal picture frame with a family photo
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 30

Image by: Pexels

Add Different Colors with Plastic Frames

This will add visual interest to your TV stand and make it more eye-catching. Have fun experimenting until you find the perfect look for your living room!

Plastic frame with a family photo
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 31

Image by: Unsplash

Decorative Accessories

Figurines or sculptures can add a unique touch to your furniture. The possibilities for TV stand decorating ideas are endless, as there is a wide variety of themes to choose from, such as nature, the human body, animals, abstract art, and many more.

Choose different materials and display your figurines and sculptures proudly on your TV stand, creating a one-of-a-kind look in your room.

Wooden TV stand decor with figurines
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 32

Image by: Unsplash

What Color of the Wall is the Best Behind TV Stand?

Choose a neutral color for the wall behind a TV stand. Neutral colors such as gray, beige, or off-white help to create a cohesive look and don’t compete with the television for attention. Additionally, these colors are less likely to reflect light and cause distractions while watching TV.
Suppose you want to add a pop of color or create a focal point. In that case, you can choose an accent wall in a bold hue, but it is best to keep the wall behind the TV neutral to ensure it remains the center of attention.

Neutral wall behind TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 33

Image by: Pexels

What to Put on the Wall Behind TV Stand?

Depending on the room type and your preferences, options include wall art to add visual interest and balance and wallpaper to add texture and color. Mirrors to reflect light and make the room feel larger and brighter, or shelving for extra storage and display space. Ultimately, the choice should create a cohesive look and serve the room’s purpose. And if you want to know more about wall decoration, here are a few ideas about the above sofa wall decor.

Marble wallpaper behind TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 34

Image by: Pexels

Farmhouse TV Stand Decor Ideas

Make your television console stand out with a personal touch using a quote. Display your favorite quotes as accent pieces in a few ways.

One option is a wooden sign with the quote painted, following the current trend of farmhouse signs that look great in any home. Another option is to frame the quote and hang it on the wall behind the console.

Wooden frame with a quote
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 35

Image by: Unsplash

Get Inspired

Choose a quote you read in your favorite book or a blog post that aligns with your beliefs or represents what you are grateful for. Motivational quotes are perfect for the wall that bring a positive note, and quotes about love or family can serve as a daily reminder of what matters most.

Motivational quote on the wall
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 36

Image by: Pexels

Baskets Decorative Pieces

Don’t settle for just a basic functional piece of furniture. Opt for a TV stand that provides you with extra storage solutions. You can use decorative baskets to keep your remote control and other small items tidy, freeing up small spaces.

With the added convenience of drawers, you can enjoy watching TV in a clutter-free environment. A fashionable TV stand with extra storage options is a wise investment for any modern home.

Black TV stans with woven baskets
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 37

Image by: Unsplash

Statement Clock for your TV Area

An excellent way to add a touch of elegance to your room is a decorative clock. Consider incorporating lights or art pieces to enhance the decor of your room. The wall behind the TV stand is a blank canvas waiting for your artistic touch.

Wooden Clock

Wooden rustic clocks are a great option if you want to add a bit of country charm to your decor.

Metal Clock

An ultramodern metal clock is ideal for those seeking a contemporary look in their homes. If you’re looking for something truly exclusive, consider an elegant metal clock to add a touch of sophistication.

Start shopping now and find the perfect metal clock to complete the look of your TV stand.

Console Table Book Decor

If you want a TV stand that looks straight out of a magazine, try using fashion- or home decor-inspired books. These books are often beautifully designed and can be found in colors that complement your furniture decor.

White TV stand with white book decor
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 38

Image by: Unsplash

Favorite Books Collection

If you’re looking for a more personal touch, use your favorite books as decor for your TV stand. This is a great way to show off your taste and make your TV stand unique. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your favorite books within easy reach!

Books collection next to a TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 39

Image by: Unsplash

Decorative Tray

Decorative trays are a rising trend in home decoration nowadays. They serve as a voguish way to hold and display items, from household essentials to decorative accents.

Decorative wooden tray on a TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 40

Image by: Unsplash

Different Material Trays

In the living room, decorative trays are a practical and modish solution for organizing and displaying items.

Wooden trays offer a warm, rustic feel and can be used to hold items such as remotes, magazines, and mail on a coffee table.

Metal trays bring a sleek, modernized touch and are perfect for displaying candles, small plants, or other decorative items on a side table or shelves.

Acrylic trays provide a contemporary look and are easy to clean, ideal for holding and organizing items such as coasters, glasses, or other small items.

Marble trays are modern and abstract and can be used to hold and display items or simply as a decorative element.

Collection Ideas for Small Space

Choose items that are small enough to fit on the shelves or surface of your TV stand, and arrange them in a way that is pleasing to the eye. For example, you may want to group items by type or color or prefer a more random arrangement.

Some collections that would work well on a TV stand include snow globes, car miniatures, comic books, records, vintage books, or watches.

TV stand with a personal collection display
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 41

Image by: Pexels

Floating Shelves

This is an innovative solution for adding storage to small spaces by offering shelving benefits without taking up much wall space.

In addition to holding books or ornaments, they can be a stylish alternative to a conventional TV stand. The use of fairy lights on your floating shelves can give your living space a comfortable and warm vibe.

They are useful and fashionable furniture that can be utilized in numerous ways to add character to your home.

Floating shelves next to a TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 42

Image by: Unsplash


Lighting can elevate the look of your TV stand and provide the perfect ambiance for watching TV or simply relaxing.

Wall-mounted lights are great ideas for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Built-in light will add a touch of elegance, while chic pendant lamps can be used as a single statement light or a combination of lights to build a warm and inviting atmosphere in your space.

With the perfect lighting, your TV stand can be transformed into a relaxing and inviting space to rest.

Built in lights in a living room
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 43

Image by: Pexels


If you’re looking to decorate your fireplace as a TV stand, consider incorporating ideas that enhance both, style and functionality.

Adding built-ins drawers for additional storage is one such idea. To make a more cohesive look, consider combining complementary colors and textures. For example, if your fireplace is made of stone, balance the natural elements in the room by adding a wooden mantle.

By incorporating these elements, you can form a trendsetting and functional TV stand while making use of your fireplace.

Living room with a fireplace as a TV stand
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 44

Image by: Unsplash

Living Room TV Stand Party Setup

For those who love music and enjoy a powerful, immersive sound experience, decorating a TV stand with speakers is a great solution to showcase their passion. Not only will this enhance the overall aesthetic of your living room, but the speakers will also provide a richer audio experience that brings out the intricate details in every song.

When it comes to TV stand ideas, consider incorporating speakers into your media stands or console, or even mounting them on the wall for a more remarkable decor.

With this simple addition, your TV stand will not only serve its functional purpose but also serve as a source of inspiration and visual interest in your living room.

TV stand with speakers as decor
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 45

Image by: Pexels

Embrace Minimal Space

Minimalism is a popular trend in interior design and it can also be applied to TV stands. When it comes to TV stands, minimal decoration is the key.

How can you minimally decorate TV stands? Start by choosing just a few simple items to showcase. Stick to natural colors like white, black, or grey for a sleek and fresh look. Opt for clean, sleek lines, and consider hiding cords to keep the space looking neat and tidy.

Whether you opt for a standalone TV stand or mount your TV on the wall, these ideas will help you design a smart minimalist space

Keep the lines clean and sleek for a stylish and relaxing, minimalist look. Also, try to hide cords because they can clutter up the space.

Minimalistic living room TV stand decor
TV Stand Decor Ideas: 15+ Modern Living Room Inspirations 46

Image by: Unsplash

Final Words

No matter what you choose to put on your TV stand, make sure the decoration will bring positive emotions to it. Play with it, change items, and rearrange them to perfection. Doing this will create a space in your home that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also full of good vibes.

So start decorating, and never forget to keep elevating your home!

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