• 24" Oversized Black Wall Clock Elevate Home Decor - Wall Clocks24" Oversized Black Wall Clock Elevate Home Decor - Wall Clocks

    24in Oversized Black Wall Clock


    Keep track of time in style with this oversized round wall clock. Its black ink finish and minimal design make it a timeless, bold statement piece for any decor. Perfect for the living room, bedroom, office, or hallways, this elegant clock ensures you won’t miss a second. Elevate your home with this eye-catching addition.

  • Abstract Gold & Gray Sculpture in Matte Finish Elevate Home Decor - Sculptures & Statues

    Abstract Gold & Gray Sculpture in Matte Finish


    This unique sculpture adds dimension and appeal with its black stand, metallic finish, and gold and silver hues, evoking an Art Deco look. Its layered design resembles angel wings, adding a mystical touch, perfect for modern and contemporary settings. Display it on dressers or accent tables in your living room, office, or bedroom for a stylish and sophisticated addition. This piece is sure to be a conversation starter and elevate your home decor.

  • Black & Silver Stainless Steel Wall Clock Elevate Home Decor - Wall Clocks

    Black & Silver Stainless Steel Wall Clock


    This sleek, modern wall clock features a black and silver design, perfect for contemporary spaces. Made of durable stainless steel, it combines sophistication with longevity. The ink black face and bright silver Arabic numerals are easy to read, making it both a functional and artistic addition to any room. Ideal for refreshing your decor or adding a new focal point.

  • Brown Tall Ceramic Round Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases

    Brown Tall Ceramic Round Vase


    This beautiful brown vase, with its sleek design and ribbed details, adds style to any room. The glazed finish ensures it stands out, while the stone blue color scheme and matte finish offer a classic yet contemporary look. Its large form makes it versatile, perfect as a floor vase or a decorative piece on a dresser or bedside table. The ribbed body provides a sturdy base for large bouquets or branches, making it a statement piece whether used alone or as part of a collection.

  • Ceramic Charcoal Black Vase Elevate Home Decor - VasesCeramic Charcoal Black Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases

    Ceramic Charcoal Black Vase


    This luxurious, matte black vase features a contemporary, streamlined design with lifelike asymmetrical lines, adding vibrance to any space. Its unusual, curved-in shape and square base fit any surface, complementing any color scheme. Perfect for minimalist living rooms, bedrooms, and offices, it enhances both classic and modern decor.

  • Curved Charcoal Matte Black Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases

    Curved Charcoal Matte Black Vase


    This charcoal black leaf-shaped ceramic vase with a matte finish and clean lines offers a minimalistic, stylish look. Ideal for modern contemporary homes, it can also fit any decor. Perfect as a stand-alone piece or with floral adornments, it suits bedrooms, living rooms, or office dressers. Its unique shape ensures it will be a conversation starter.

  • Gold & Silver Metallic Table Clocks Elevate Home Decor - Desk & Shelf ClocksGold & Silver Metallic Table Clocks Elevate Home Decor - Desk & Shelf Clocks

    Gold & Silver Metallic Table Clocks


    This clock features a polished silver and gold finish with decorative bells, adding class to any room. Its contemporary design fits traditional decor. With silent quartz movement and Arabic numerals at 12, 3, 6, and 9, it’s practical and stylish for bedrooms, living rooms, or offices.

  • Gold Jaguar Animal Sculpture Elevate Home Decor - Sculptures & StatuesGold Jaguar Animal Sculpture Elevate Home Decor - Sculptures & Statues

    Gold Jaguar Animal Sculpture


    This gold Jaguar sculpture adds wild beauty and elegance to any home. Its detailed head, textured body, and realistic features make it a stunning statement piece. Perfect for nature-inspired and contemporary interiors, it offers a regal and powerful touch to your decor.

  • Graphite Gray Aluminum Metal Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases

    Graphite Gray Aluminum Metal Vase


    This metallic gray vase features a unique geometric shape and fluted angular top, adding modern style to any room. Perfect for side tables, dressers, or floors, it brings a contemporary touch and elegance. Fill it with fresh or artificial flowers to enliven any space.

  • Greyhound textured dog figurineGreyhound textured dog figurine

    Greyhound Textured & Tall Dog Sculpture


    Introducing the elegant greyhound dog sculpture, perfect for any room. This high-quality poly-stone piece in midnight black with gold matte detailing features a flat black resin base for easy display. Capturing realistic details in an attentive, seated pose, it’s an ideal addition for dog lovers seeking a refined touch in their decor.

  • Black ceramic buffalo sculpture

    Handmade Ceramic Buffalo Sculpture


    Looking for a way to add some contemporary style to your home atmosphere? Look no further than this Matte Black Ceramic Buffalo Sculpture. Handmade and unique, this piece is sure to turn heads. But it’s not just about looks – buffalo represents stamina, stability, strength, determination, confidence, and helpfulness. So let this piece provide a…

  • Ceramic orange vasesCeramic orange vases on the side table

    Orange Vases with Green Details


    Add extravagance to your home with these ceramic vases in vibrant marigold orange and mint green, featuring wavy vertical stripes. Their modern, minimalist design complements any decor, adding color and interest. Perfect as flower holders on coffee tables, console tables, or kitchen tables, or as decorative pieces on bookshelves or office shelves, these vases make a charming statement in dining rooms, living rooms, entryways, or hallways.

  • White powder vaseWhite powder vase small

    Powder White Ceramic Vase


    This beautiful ceramic vase, with its sleek, contemporary design and lifelike asymmetric lines, is perfect for minimalists seeking to liven up their space. Featuring two intricately detailed curved vases, the matte surface ensures long-term elegance. Its square shape and powder-white tone make it ideal for any surface and color palette. Suitable for casual or minimalist living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, it can be a luxurious standalone piece or part of the overall decor, with or without flowers.

  • White ceramic vasePowder white ceramic vase

    Powder White Ceramic Vase – Large White


    This ceramic vase is perfect for modern minimalists seeking elegance. With sleek, clean lines and unique 3D vase details, its modern design features three curved vases within a rectangular frame. The matte powder white finish ensures a chic look, complementing any palette. Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, or offices, it can serve as a standalone statement piece or part of a larger decor, with or without floral adornments.

  • Pink metal wall clockSilver and pink wall clock

    Rouge Pink Glam Metallic Wall Clock


    This Glam Wall Clock, with its metallic copper finish, large sans serif numbers, and radial arms adorned with clear faux crystals, adds a touch of luxury and glamour to any home or office. Ideal for light-colored interiors, its elegant and unique design makes a bold statement. The round metal frame accented with crystal details ensures this clock stands out, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their decor with a bit of extra flair.