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Powder White Ceramic Vase

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Regular price$70.00 Sale price$52.49

The sleek, contemporary look of this beautiful ceramic vase is ideal for a minimalist looking to liven up their house. The lifelike, asymmetric lines and intricately detailed vase make it so distinctive that it will make any room look glamorous.

Modern and unusual design with two vases curved in. Matte surface ensures their elegance long-term. Square shape makes this frame suitable for displaying on any surface. Powder-white tone will match your current color palette perfectly.

They might furnish a casual or minimalist living room, bedroom, or office with a luxurious look for their own sake or as a piece of the general space. They could be used alone as modern pieces or as part of the overall decor with or without flowers around.

Limit of 5 per Customer

Powder White Ceramic Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases
Powder White Ceramic Vase Regular price$70.00 Sale price$52.49