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Curved Charcoal Matte Black Vase

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Regular price$80.00 Sale price$59.99

If you're looking for a vase to make a statement, look no further than this charcoal black leaf-shaped ceramic vase. A breathtaking must-have piece of home decor. The matte finish and clean lines give it a minimalistic yet stylish look that will complement any decor.

Perfect for modern contemporary home settings but can easily get incorporated into any home decor. Great as a stand-alone piece but can also be displayed on a bedroom, living room or office dressers as part of existing decor.

Display it with or without floral adornments. Absolutely a unique shape that will surely get noticed and will be the number one topic at your next home gathering.

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Curved Charcoal Matte Black Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases
Curved Charcoal Matte Black Vase Regular price$80.00 Sale price$59.99