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Brown Tall Ceramic Round Vase

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This beautiful brown vase is perfect for adding a touch of style to any room. The sleek design and ribbed details make it a contemporary classic. At the same time, the glazed finish ensures it will stand out in any setting.

The vase's large and complex form makes it a choice to use in any room. Whether you choose to use it upright as a floor vase or as a decorative item on your dresser or bedside table, it will be a creative addition to your home. The stone blue color scheme gives it a classic, regal appearance, while the matte finish gives it a more contemporary look.

The ribbed body is stylish and functional, providing a sturdy base for more oversized bouquets or branches. This vase will make a statement whether used as a standalone piece or part of a more significant collection.

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Brown Tall Ceramic Round Vase Elevate Home Decor - Vases
Brown Tall Ceramic Round Vase Regular price$75.00 Sale price$55.99