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Bedroom Decor with Vases: Ultimate Trends Guide You Didn’t Know

Ever felt like your room, kitchen, or table needs a little extra shelves? Vases might be what you need! We found that decorative objects like vases and blooms can really change how a room looks on shelves. They come in lots of styles and sizes, different heights, shelves, so you’ll find one you like. And it’s not just about the vase, but where you place it too. Imagine making your space look like your favorite photo! With the right idea, you can. Let’s explore the world of decorating with vases!

Enhancing Shelf Displays

Artisan vases on shelves? Heck, yes! Blooms add a unique appeal and character to any space, especially when their size is proportionate to the table vase. Imagine a sleek console table topped with a selection of these beauties, each vase displaying a unique look. 

The Magic of Color, Texture, and Shape

  • Bright reds, deep blues, or rainbow hues – artisan vases come in all colors, ready to hold the stems of vibrant blooms. These flowers look striking against any backdrop. Vases can either match your existing decor or provide a pop of contrast, enhancing the overall look. Display them prominently for maximum effect.

  • Texture: From the smooth glass of your vase to the rough ceramics, the texture can add an extra dimension to your display. The image credit goes to the vibrant flowers and their sturdy stems, elegantly arranged on the table.

  • Shape: Cylindrical, spherical or abstract – the shape of your vase can break up the monotony on your shelf. Display flowers in their full glory, stems included, to enhance the image credit of your decor.

Grouping Techniques for Maximum Impact

  1. By Size: Arrange vases from smallest to largest or vice versa to display flowers. This type of display creates a visual flow that’s easy on the eyes.

  2. By Color: Grouping by color creates harmony and balance. Mix it up with some books for added interest.

  3. Randomly: Sometimes, chaos is beautiful too! A random arrangement gives off a relaxed vibe.

Pink vase in bedroom as decoration

Via Erin Williamson Design

Centerpiece Table Décor

Vintage Vases: A Focal Point

Vintage vases? Yeah, they’re more than just containers for flowers. Vases are the key to adding a touch of old-world charm to your bedroom decor, especially when on display. Think of vases as mini time capsules that transport us back in time with their intricate designs, unique shapes, and varied functionality.

  • Size matters: The bigger, the bolder! Large vintage vases can make a statement on any table or side stand.

  • Design details: Look for vase pieces with ornate patterns or interesting neck shapes. These little details, like a vintage vase, add character and create that classic vibe.

Mixing Old With New

But why stop at vintage? Let’s shake things up a bit by pairing these classic vase pieces with modern elements. It’s all about contrast, baby!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Pair a delicate porcelain vase with sleek metallic accents.

  2. Place an antique glass piece next to minimalist artwork.

  3. Combine a rustic ceramic vase with vibrant, contemporary textiles.

This mix-and-match approach keeps your vase decor fresh and interesting while still paying homage to the past. And if you want to dive deeper in bedroom decorating check out – Beige Bedroom Ideas for a Calm & Cozy 2023 Retreat.

Vase bedroom decor mixes modern and traditional

Image by: Unsplash

Ceramic Vase Sets in Home Styling

Ceramic vase sets are a hit. They bring a cohesive look to your bedroom decor with vases. How so?

  • A white vase can brighten up any corner.

  • Mix an empty glass vase with ceramic ones for a touch of variety.

  • Decorative objects like a table vase in woven bamboo add texture.

It’s all about balance. You want different pieces like a vase, but they need to work together. It’s not just about the vases, it’s about the whole setup.

Mixing Ceramics

Mixing ceramics is simple:

  1. Start with a series of similar designs.

  2. Add pieces from other collections for contrast.

  3. Keep an eye on vase patterns – too many can be overwhelming.

Remember, it’s your style, your rules! Also, for those who style is luxuries we have some bedroom decor ideas you need to check – Luxury Bedroom Ideas: 28 Ideas To Elevate Your Bedroom.

Glaze Finishes

Glaze finishes set the mood:

  • Glossy glazes reflect light and make space feel larger.

  • Matte finishes give a cozy, lived-in look.

Think about how you want your room to feel before choosing your ceramic pieces, including your vase.

Minimal bedroom decor with ceramic vase

Image by: Pexels

Hallway Brightening Essentials

Got a dull entryway to a bedroom? Fresh flowers in a vase can turn that around in no time. Blooms in a vase bring color and fragrance that liven up any space. Think bold blues or crisp whites for spring.

Choosing the right vase is key here. Consider the height of your stems:

  • Single stems work well with tall vases.

  • Shorter vessels are great for bunches of blooms.

The right balance between stem and vase height gives off an image credit worthy look.

Next, consider your hallway conditions. It’s all about picking flowers that thrive in those conditions and suit your vase.

  1. Lots of light? Go for something like sunflowers.

  2. Cooler temperatures? Dried flowers may be your best bet.

Place these on an entryway table and voila! Your hallway, with the addition of a vase, goes from drab to fab in no time!

Remember, it’s all about creating a welcoming vibe with bedroom decor with vases. So next time you’re hand selecting flowers for your vase, think outside the box – even hallways with a vase need some love too!

Tall Vases Usage

Tall vases are not just for flowers. These vases are perfect for showcasing branches of different heights too. Think about it:

  • Branches in their natural form, with all the twists and turns, beautifully arranged in a vase.

  • Dried botanicals, adding a touch of rustic charm.

Choosing branch types is a big deal. Size matters. So does form. You don’t want to cram a massive branch into a slim vase, right? And you definitely don’t want a tiny twig getting lost in an oversized vase.

Here are some branch types that work well with tall vases:

  1. Willow branches: Long and elegant.

  2. Birch branches: Sturdy and visually striking.

  3. Magnolia branches: Thick and full of character.

Positioning can make or break your bedroom decor with vases. Here’s the game plan:

  • Mix up the heights of the branches in your vase: Shorter ones at the front, taller ones at the back.

  • Angle them outwards: Creates a fuller look.

  • Group vases together: Different sizes, same type of branch.

Remember, it’s all about maximizing that dramatic effect!

So go ahead, give your bedroom decor an upgrade with some sculptural branches in tall vases. It’s simple yet effective!

Boho bedroom with glass floor vase

Via Gail Smith Flowers

Final Words

Alright, folks, that’s the lowdown on using vases for jazzing up your bedroom decor. Whether it’s artisan pieces on shelves, vintage stunners as table centerpieces, ceramic sets for a homely touch, or flower vases to brighten hallways – you’ve got it all. And don’t forget those tall vases with sculptural branches! They’re a game-changer.

Now it’s over to you! Get out there and start experimenting with these ideas. Your bedroom is your canvas and these vases are your paintbrushes. Let your creative juices flow and create a space that screams ‘you’ with a vase. So go ahead, get vase-ing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use different types of vases in one room?

Absolutely! Mixing up different styles, like a unique vase, can add an eclectic vibe to your space. Just make sure the vase complements the other elements and the overall theme of your room.

Do I always have to put flowers in my vases?

No way, Jose! While flowers in a vase are a classic choice, feel free to think outside the box. Try filling your vase with fairy lights, pebbles or even leaving it empty for a minimalist look.

Are tall vases suitable for small bedrooms?

You betcha! Tall vases can actually make your room appear larger by drawing the eye upwards. Just be mindful not to overcrowd the space.

How do I choose the right vase color?

Go with what makes you happy! If you’re after a harmonious look though, try matching the vase color with accents in your room like cushions or artwork.

Can I place my vase on the floor instead of tables/shelves?

For sure! Floor-standing vases can make quite an impact especially when filled with large arrangements or sculptural branches.

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