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Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis

When it comes to creating a relaxing bathroom oasis, the aesthetic, texture, and florals of your bathtub decor can make all the difference. A beautifully designed bathroom, with the right bathtub decor, can be a calming escape from the stresses of everyday life, where you can rest and recharge in an aesthetic home.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best bathtub decor ideas for creating a peaceful and stylish bathroom that you’ll love to spend time in.

Fresh Blooms for a Calming Bathroom Feel

Adding fresh blooms, plants, and natural materials to your bathroom is a great way to bring some life, colors, and tub into the space. Consider placing a small vase of flower bouquet or plants on your vanity or a corner shelf to add a pop of color, natural beauty, and amazing smell to your bathroom design.

Fresh flowers on the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 22

Image by: Pexels

Incorporate Cool Colors

One of the best ways to create a calming bathroom feel is to incorporate “chill” colors into your bathtub decor. Green is a great color to use in the bathroom because it’s soothing and calming, and it works well with a wide range of other colors.

Consider using green on the walls or as an accent color, and pair it with crisp white towels and bath mats for a clean, refreshing look.

Cool green bathroom color
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 23

Image by: Unsplash

Elevate Your Bathing Experience with Bath Salts

If you want to take your bathroom design to the next level, consider incorporating bath salts and candles into your bathing routine. They are a great way to soothe tired muscles and create a spa-like experience in your own house.

Look for high-quality ones in a scent that you love, and sprinkle them in your baths for an instant sense of relaxation in a tub.

Pink bath salts and wooden spoon
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 24

Image by: Unsplash

World of Candles

Candles are another great way to make a restful atmosphere in your bathroom space. Choose scented candles with modern candle holder, in a fragrance that you enjoy, and place them around the room to create a warm, inviting glow.

You can also hang a chandelier or install some soft, warm lighting to create a luxurious atmosphere.

Three white candles next to a white bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 25

Image by: Unsplash

Add Storage and Decorative Shelves for a Functional and Stylish Space

In addition to creating a cozy atmosphere and functional space, your bathroom also needs to be organized. Adding storage and decorative shelves can help you keep your bathroom essentials organized and within reach while also creating a stylish and elegant look.

The wooden decorative shelf next to the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 26

Image by: Unsplash

Transform Your Bathroom with Stylish Tiles and Fixtures

If you want to give your bathroom a complete makeover, consider updating your tiles, fixtures, and tub.

A new tile backsplash or a floor tiles with unoque patterns can add dimension and interest to your bathroom, while new fixtures like a modern faucet or a luxurious bathtub can elevate the overall look and feel of the space.

Stylish bathroom tiles in blue color
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 27

Image by: Pexels

Use Vanity and Bath Accessories to Add Style and Personality

Vanity and bath accessories are a great way to add style and personality to your bathroom decor. You can swap out your shower curtain for a new one in a fun and colorful pattern to enhance your bathroom design, or add a stylish bath mat in a complementary color to spruce up the space.

Vanity accessories above the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 28

Image by: Pexels

Create a Spa-Like Atmosphere with Plush Hand Towels and Robes

If you want to create a true spa-like atmosphere in your bathroom, invest in some plush towels and robes.

Soft, fluffy towels and robes can add a luxurious and indulgent feel to your bathing experience, and make you feel pampered and relaxed.

White bathrobe displayed above the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 29

Image by: Pexels

Incorporate Natural Elements for a Calming, Zen-Like Space

Natural elements like wood, stone, and bamboo can add a calming and peaceful feel to your bathroom decor. Consider using a stone soap dish, or add a bamboo mat or rug to your bathroom floor.

Zen-inspired bathroom with wooden accents
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 30

Image by: Pexels

Add Contrast with Black and White Bathroom Decor

If you’re looking for a classic and timeless look for your bathroom, consider using black and white decor. Black and white tiles, shower curtains, and bath mats can add a bold and sophisticated touch to your bathroom decor, while also creating a high-contrast look that is both stylish and elegant.

Black an white bathroom decor idea
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 31

Use Lighting to Create a Relaxing and Inviting Atmosphere

Lighting is one of the most important elements of creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in your bathroom. Use soft, warm lighting to create a cozy and intimate feel, or install some bright and bold lighting to add drama and excitement to your space.

Woven wall sconces hanging above the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 32

Image by: Unsplash

Hang Artwork or Photos to Create a Personal Touch

Adding artwork or photos to your bathroom walls is a great way to create a personal touch and add some interest and personality to your space. Choose wall decor that inspire you or create a calming mood, like a serene beach scene or a calming nature print.

Woman-inspired artwork in the bathroom
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 33

Image by: Unsplash

Greenery – Large Floor Plants

Greenery is always a good idea for sprucing up your space. Not only do plants add life and color, but they can also help purify the air. And what’s more relaxing than soaking in a tub surrounded by nature?

If you’re unsure where to start, we recommend looking for large leafy plants that can tolerate high humidity. Our favorites include elephant ears, calatheas, and fiddle leaf figs.

Consider adding a potted plant or hanging some vines to create a natural and inviting feel.

Large floor plants behind the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 34

Image by: Unsplash

Windows and Natural Light

Remember the power of natural light when considering where to place your free-standing tub. Placing your tub near a decorative window will bring light into your home and create a sense of calmness and serenity.

The sun’s warm glow will help you relax while enjoying a bath. So consider placing your free-standing tub near the decorative window to take advantage of all the benefits natural light offers.

Round mirror above white bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 35

Image by: Unsplash

Create a Relaxing Seating Area in Your Bathroom

If you have space in your bathroom, consider creating a cozy seating area where you can relax and unwind. A small bench or stool can be a great place to sit while you soak in the tub or put on your makeup.

The beautifully crafted woven chair can serve as the perfect side table for your bathtub, providing a convenient place to store your towels.

This bathroom decor will add some boho vibes to your space, especially if you add some greenery. The warm colors and natural materials create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

Woven chair in brown color next to the bathtub
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 36

Image by: Pexels

How can I create a cohesive look between my bathtub decor and the rest of my bathroom?

To create a cohesive look between your bathtub decor and the rest of your bathroom, use a consistent color scheme or design style throughout the space. Use accessories like towels or bath mats that complement the color of the bathtub or the tile. You can also use a specific pattern or texture that is repeated throughout the bathroom, like a woven basket or rattan mirror, to create a unified look.

Use Glass and Mirrored Surfaces to Reflect Light and Create a Bright, Open Space

Using glass and mirrored surfaces in your bathroom can help to reflect light and create a bright, open space. Consider adding a glass shower door, a mirrored vanity, or even a glass tile backsplash to create a clean and modern look that makes your bathroom feel more spacious.

 Mirror accents in the bathroom
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 37

Image by: Pexels

Create a Luxurious Shower Experience with Multiple Showerheads and Jets

If you want to take your shower experience to the next level, consider adding multiple showerheads and jets to your shower. This can create a spa-like atmosphere and provide a truly indulgent shower experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

 Blue shower head with few speeds
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 38

Image by: Pexels

Decorative Bath Trays

Adding a bathtub tray is a great way to add some decoration to your bathtub. You can find these trays in various materials, including wood and metal. They are usually quite affordable and can be found at most home improvement stores.

Wooden bamboo over the bathtub tray
Bathtub Decor Ideas: Create Your Relaxing Oasis 39

Image by: Pexels

What are some budget-friendly bathtub decor ideas?

Some budget-friendly bathtub decor ideas include using items you already have, like a small stool or tray, to hold bath accessories or other items. You can also incorporate natural elements like pebbles or seashells from the beach, or use a DIY bath salt or bath bomb recipe to create a fragrant and luxurious bath experience. Look for deals on candles or other decor items at discount stores or online retailers to save money.

Final Words

Following some simple tips can turn your bathtub into a personal spa. Whether you choose your favorite decorations or mix and match to perfection, these tips will help create a relaxing and refreshing bath experience.

So why not give it a try tonight? We propose another project that you can enjoy. So get to work, and never forget to keep elevating your home!

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