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Agate Stone Coastal Star Sculpture

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Add an agate stone sculpture to your home for a touch of earthy elegance. Agate is the perfect crystal for anyone who wants to boost their creativity and mental clarity. This crystal may help to rebalance and harmonize your mind, body, and spirit. As a result, you'll feel calmer and more focused.

Agate is also linked to good luck and prosperity, so it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve their overall life circumstances. This handmade piece is designed with a light silver stand and silver-finished starburst with rounded tips, and it's centered with a natural refined agate stone.

The figurine radiates an earthy vibe to your space, and the unique design fits eclectic-themed homes perfectly. Plus, it will start a conversation and positive energy when guests see it.

The sculptures, each unique due to the authentic agate stone and handmade craftsmanship, may vary slightly in appearance (different shape, size & color of the agate stone).

Limit of 5 per Customer

Agate Stone Coastal Star Sculpture Elevate Home Decor - Sculptures & Statues
Agate Stone Coastal Star Sculpture Regular price$55.00 Sale price$41.49